NOVAFOODIES is an interdisciplinary project bringing together partners from Europe, Israel and China, with complementary backgrounds to interact closely in a synergistic manner to deliver the expected results, research outputs and six key objectives. NOVAFOODIES aims to provide consumers with new functional and traceable products of marine and freshwater origin, produced with more sustainable processes without compromising sectoral competitiveness.

Specific Objectives & Actions
Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) with 7 case studies in Europe, Israel, and China. IMTA is acknowledged as a promising solution to improve the sustainability and efficiency of aquaculture, as it ensures that wastes and by-products are valorized.
Cultivation of macroalgae in earthen pounds and in liquid wastes for obtaining high-value products, demonstrating the microalgal commercial potential as a novel protein source, while promoting novel products for human consumption.
Microwave-assisted algae drying, bacterial-based algae-decomposition process, extraction of functional components from fish and valorization of fisheries discards for improving the nutritious value of human food products.
Environmental, economic and logistics optimization of processes, and traceability systems implementation to collect and monitor aquaculture data.
Development of NOVAFOODIES marketplace platform and App for end-users.